20 May 2016

Five On Friday

Haven't done this in a while. Haven't blogged in a while....

which leads me to number
ONE ||| domain name. Yeah, I'm so terrible about remembering. Anyway, PPR is up for renewal and I'm just not sure I'll renew it. I don't think I blog enough to really even need my own domain. But then again, I love the name and the # so.. who knows. I'll probably forget after this post and then....

TWO ||| college!! I survived the first week back. oof. I forgot how much reading was involved.

THREE ||| SUMMER VACATION. Summer break, rather. Sophia is done as of today and Olivia has to go until Wednesday. How did the school year fly by so quickly? It seems like school just started. Time is passing so quickly. And, we keep singing the phineas and ferb theme song (Sophia is OBSESSED with that show right now).

Sophia is obsessed
I'm obsessed
My friends are obsessed

FIVE ||| meal planning and meal prep.

I'm trying to get myself back on the whole foods healthy eating wagon. I've been sucking lately and I just know my gut flora is out of whack. Everything is out of whack. So, this is me, publicly declaring I've had enough of myself. My skin is blah, my eyes are blah, my pants are too small, my self love is down and out. REVERSE REVERSE!

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