26 August 2015

Minion Morning

Good morning! I know it is Wednesday but today feels shiny and new like a Monday. I think its because my husband came home last night after being gone for 9 days!! We missed him!
My girls are huge daddy's girls, so they were glued to him yesterday from the time he walked in the door until bedtime. :) I love my little family!

So far each kid has been enjoying school! Sophia has cried and didn't want to come home from school both days this week so far! She's not feeling very well this morning unfortunately. 

In Olivia's Lunchbot Uno today she has banana chips, babybel, trail mix, tiny grapes, broccoli, carrots, gummy minions, and sixlets. Its a smaller lunch because she hasn't been eating all of her food the last few days. I don't want to over pack and waste. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!

24 August 2015

Monday Funday

Here we are, entering the second week of school! So far Olivia has enjoyed it. Sophia starts today, and she is beyond excited. We had her meet the teacher event last Friday, and she didn't want to leave when it was over. :)

Today in the lunchbot uno, Olivia has cheez-its, sixlets, broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, pepperonis, a babybel cheese, and sweet petite grapes. She also has a small tupperware container with fresh pear slices. 

20 August 2015

Glorious 55

This morning it is 55 degrees, y'all. FIFTY FIVE. In August. I think I'm in Heaven!

Since its the first week of school, I've been pretty on top of things, excited for a new year of bento blogging, waking up early. Olivia has been up by 0630 every morning so she can have time to straighten her hair (I mean, stop growing already please, miniature adult. Tweenager that she is!) I've actually been putting her lunches together in the evenings as I  put away dinner leftovers and clean the kitchen back up. Its easier to do it in the evenings when she's taking something left over from dinner; it saves me the trouble of putting it away and then getting it back out in the morning to pack her lunch.

Well, on Wednesday nights I take a yoga class, so there isn't any good light leftover to photograph the lunch when I get back home. So this morning I made her lunch and photographed it in the gorgeous, cool misty 55 degree morning. It was quite nice!

In the lunchbot we have peanut butter sushi, marshmallow twists, a babybel, dehydrated raspberries, and trail mix (almonds, cashews, dried cranberries). She also has an apple sauce and some blueberry crackers packed separately.

19 August 2015

Yubo Wednesday

Good morning! Today it was so hard to get up and get moving! It is pouring rain, thundering, and lightening.. perfect sleeping weather! I'm so, so excited because the low tonight is 54 degrees. In August. Beyond giddy, actually! 

Today's lunch is packed in one of our three Yubo boxes! Yubo is probably my favorite. Ok, its a tie between Yubo and Lunchbots. They're my favorites for different reasons! :)

Olivia has 2 BBQ Chicken Rolls (same as yesterday, and recipe from 2 days ago), a couple of marshmallow ropes (found those at TJ Maxx the other day), banana bread from our so so sweet neighbor, gummies, strawberries and mini chocolate chips, and metallic sixlets, and a grapefruit. Those containers might LOOK small, but that is almost an entire grapefruit! Only one slice wouldn't fit. And, if I'd squished really hard, it probably would have.

The only thing I don't really love about the Yubo is there isn't a place to put a drink. I think they make an attachment drink carrier for the box now, but we don't have one and for the life of me I never think to order one until I'm sending the kids off to school with their drinks in their backpacks. Which is a lot, since we have 3 of these cute boxes!

18 August 2015

Easy LunchBoxes Bento

Here we have in the Easy Lunchboxes container, our BBQ Chicken Rolls from yesterday, chocolate chip stuffed strawberries, 3 mini cookies, cheez-its, and spicy cheetohs. Not pictured Olivia has an apple sauce. I need to go buy more fruit! ;) 

Have a fab day! xo

17 August 2015

Garlic BBQ Chicken Rolls

Hello there!

Its #MealPrepMonday and since school is back on, I did a little meal prepping for the kids', too. I'm always looking for fun recipes and creative, easy ways to get them to eat. Especially Sophia, she's so, so incredibly picky- like pretzels are her main food group kind of picky! I was going to make pizza rolls (again), but I had chicken in the crockpot for my meal prep and decided to go a different route.

You will need:
Your favorite BBQ sauce
Shredded chicken (or beef, or pork)
Mozzarella cheese
Crescent rolls
Garlic Powder

Super super simple.

My chicken breasts were already seasoned- they'd been in the crockpot all day with green enchilada sauce and green chiles.

These are pretty self explanatory, add the BBQ sauce to the roll, then cheese, then chicken. Roll up and place on a non stick baking pan.

I put a bit of mozzarella on the tops of the rolls and then sprinkled them all with garlic powder.

Easy for packing in lunches, and easy for a quick dinner, too. I wish I had put more cheese on the tops, they would look prettier with crispy cheese sprinkles! 

Check back tomorrow for our cute lunch!

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16 August 2015

Back To School :: BENTO!

Well, its here, and I can hardly believe it. It is the end of summer, "officially" officially. Ok, I know the calendar year doesn't declare the end of summer until later, but the start of school for the kids really does signify the end. I can't say I'm sad about it… with the beginning of school we welcome cooler weather (almost, anyway), a buzz of autumn activities like ballet and vino league, football (I'm just here for the food, y'all), and so much more!

So, you probably know by now, but….

Both my kids are excited for school and bentos. I am, too!

For the first day of SIXTH GRADE, Miss O has a cute lunch in a LunchBots container.

In the Lunchbot Uno we have a leftover BBQ rib with cheese letters (my husband is the GRILL MASTER, and these ribs were so good!), ritz crackers and a babybel cheese, strawberries with edible glitter, and a trail mix I threw together of sixlets, almonds, sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips. There are also tiny m&m's cookies our sweet neighbors brought over for us earlier today. In the "fit & fresh" tupperware container, there are sliced peaches. This lunch is a little heavy on the sweets, although I didn't really think about that when I was packing it. We'll just say its a special treat for the first day of school. I will send along a bottle of water with fresh lime slices as well. I wrote a cute little first day of school note on a blank note card from LunchboxLove.

Olivia chose a new lunch bag last week at TJ Maxx, and it is so cute. 

That's our first day of school bento. If you created a bento style lunch, post the link in the comments! Make sure you like my page on Facebook, /PoiriersPlantRoots


06 August 2015

Dear Erin, Take My Money!

Yeah, y'all read that right. She can just take my money. Erin Condren, that is. I finally did it, I finally, finally purchased an Erin Condren Life Planner. I'm so excited! It doesn't even ship to me until August 13, lightyears from now, surely!

I got the leopard print planner, with the rest of 2015 added in. I mean, I saw the cute stickers and accessories and I just couldn't wait until 2016 to have that gorgeous planner in my life!! I'm so, so pumped. So in honor of my super adorable new planning habit, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite ECLP accessories!

I love everything gold so these stickers were an obvious win! You can buy these for your ECLP here!

I got both of these sticker sets, I LOVE them! They're perfect for keeping up with my gym schedule, running with Nikki, and keeping me motivated! They're going to be especially awesome when BAR opens up! You can buy these sticker sheets here!

I also got all these stickers! I LOVE the gradients! And the coffee date stickers are adorable, and probably going to be my favorites. I'm the queen of coffee dates, just ask my friends. You can buy these stickers for your ECLP here!

I seriously love these hydrate stickers. I didn't get them yet but they are on the list! You can buy them here!

These will probably be my next sticker purchase! Because its almost fall, y'all! I love them! You can grab these for your ECLP here!

So those are my favorite stickers right now. I haven't even started looking at washi tape! I did join a cute Facebook group for planner buddies. You get a buddy and then send ECLP accessory care packages. How adorable is that!? Starting with a new planner feels so fresh, and its refreshing to be facing a "clean slate" in the middle of the year. ;)

So, of course you love what I just showed you!! Right!? If you want $10 off your planner purchase, click my referral link right HERE! Happy shopping!!