28 March 2013

Go Green Lunchbox Review

I love it when new products give me the opportunity to use & review them! So a great big thank you to Go Green Lunchboxes is in order!

I got my Go Green in February, at the beginning of the month. I have waited to review it so I could use it a couple of times to really get to know it. I know, that sounds so silly, its a lunchbox, not a person! But truly, each box is different, and with such space, there are lots of opportunities and options to work out.

For the most part, I really enjoyed this lunchbox. Olivia really likes it because "It keeps my lunch SUPER safe, mom!"

What is she talking about? All the clicks and switches, of course! I'm not really certain about the little black "rope" buckles that hang off the edges of one side. They fasten together, connecting the lid to the container. This is really awesome if your kid loses the lids to their lunch box. OR it could be really bad, if your kid sits across from an overly excited child that decides to grab the lid, yanking your kid's lunch into the floor. Hopefully, your child sits across from someone reserved. haha.

This box is really, really huge. I love that about it. Its easy to pack it for a 3rd grader, though. Just don't pack really small food. ;) In bento, often the best, most creative lunches contain many small elements jammed together in a small box to create an aesthetically pleasing lunch. I feel like the Go Green Lunchbox is for a more traditional style lunch, like the Easy Lunchboxes containers are. I find that I tend to pack a more "traditional" style lunch in containers that are divided. My most "bento" style lunches tend to be in containers like the Lunchbot or authentic boxes from BentoUSA. 

I love the water bottle that came with the GGL. Its the perfect size and the fact that it has a designated place INSIDE the lunchbox makes me super happy. 

This is the bag that GGL sent with the box. I love the bag. It is super durable, its a cooler-bag, and the whiteboard for writing notes is "probably the coolest thing in a lunchbox, ever!" according to Olivia. There are lots of fun prints available for the bags. I kind of want them all!
I also really like the little hang tag off the bag where I wrote Olivia's name and phone number. She tends to forget her lunchbox at school a little more often than I'd like. 

The only real thing I totally dislike about this Go Green Lunchbox are the little rubber bands around the dividers in the lid. They're there to create a super tight, leak-proof seal. And they work! So thats cool. I just hate having to take them out of their little space, and clean them. But, I learned the hard way.... if you don't, they will grow mold/mildew and be a PITA for you to clean after that. So, just know that you have to take the bands off. You might be able to get away with hand-washing the lid, with the bands in place, but not if you pack something like spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, etc., where the food gets squished in to the band's little space. Its not hard to take them off and put them back on, its just tedious. But, honestly, totally worth it for such a cool, clicking, snapping, huge lunchbox. 

This Go Green Lunchbox is totally something that I would purchase for myself, or for a birthday gift, or even as a starter-bento box. Its similar to planetbox, but less expensive (and includes a water bottle). It is bright green and eye-catching. Olivia loves that about it. I would love to see maybe purple or pink, though. I'm a girly girl, through and through. 

As you can see, I could pack a LOT more food in this box. As it is, Olivia would not eat more than this. I think this box is really fun and will last through a growing appetite. A great investment.

** All opinions in this review are mine and mine alone. I was not compensated in any way to write this review.

27 March 2013

Hump Day!

Hello! Good Evening! 

This post is a lot later than usual, I know! Today was SO GORGEOUS outside, we barely stayed in. I love having our patio furniture in our little back yard. Lots of kids live on our street so every afternoon, there are little girls running back and forth from our yard to theirs. Olivia loves it! Who wouldn't? 

I made Sophia a little lunch "Pinto," and she loved it.

This little bento is super simple. Turkey roll ups, pepperjack cheese, strawberries.

The girls had so much fun playing outside. Sophia got SO DIRTY, she even had dirt up her nose. She kept poor Artemis on the run... Artemis is currently in her kennel snoring away... and she's been there since 730!

*thats dirt, not a boogie, haha

26 March 2013

Lunch & Go!

Its a simple little planetbox kind of day.

Bunny sandwich (pumpkin butter and easter sprinkles)
kale chips
orange wedges
bunny marshmallows

We picked up the popcorn at one of our favorite local shoppes this weekend. My mother in law came to visit and we had so much fun being tourists in our own town with her. :)

Even though it was cold and so so windy, we made the best of it. We spent way too much time eating, playing with the dog (them, not me, haha), watching movies, and just driving around seeing our city. We found parts of Fort Smith we'd never seen before, and that is always so fun! :) 

20 March 2013

Mickey Mouse in the House!

A big huge THANK YOU to Daisy for our awesome Mickey goodies! Sophia loves Mickey and has been begging for a "Mickey Mowwwsshhh pinto" since we opened the package. :)

We are still spring breaking, but her bento pleas are just too cute to refuse!

In this Zak! Nibble tray you will find:
Black Olives
Mickey Mouse mini Dark Chocolate Dreams PB&CO sandwiches
pumpkin seeds
blue berries
gluten free vegan marshmallows

If you're interested in creating/sharing/learning how to bento, I welcome you to my facebook group Bento Enthusiasts

15 March 2013


Hi! Andy Bye! :)

We are heading to my dads house to enjoy the beginning of spring break with my family! I can't wait! In an effort to 1. be healthier and 2. save money, I packed bentos for us (dinner/snack) for the drive. Its about 3 hours, and I hope this will keep everyone from asking to stop or drive through somewhere... YUCK.

Bunny bento for Olivia

Not pictured- a green apple. This is my bento! :D I'll post the chickpea recipe below!

A daddy bento! You can't really tell but this one includes 2 sandwiches. 

A little Sophie bento!

Cinnamon & Truvia Roasted Chickpeas
Preheat oven to 350
Line baking sheet with 1 tbsp olive oil
Spread out 1 can of organic, well-rinsed chickpeas on the baking pan
sprinkle with cinnamon and truvia, bake until crispy!

We will be home Monday or Tuesday... and its possible to see some bento adventures throughout the week! Orrrrrr we'll be back a week from Monday with lots of spring break photos and a brand new school lunch.

Til then, join us in our Bento Enthusiasts facebook group! Its open to anyone (just request to join) that enjoys bento, learning about it, making it, talking about it, and posting their food art on various social media. :) 

13 March 2013

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Green with Envy

Thats how I like to think other kids feel about Olivia's healthy lunches. "oh! YOUR mom sent YOU a SALAD!?" Probably... said no kid EVER! ha!

Olivia was super excited to see her planetbox back in the rotation this morning! Its her very favorite (and our first!) bento box. I love that she loves it, but if I'm honest, its not my favorite box to pack.

In today's planetbox you will find:
Kale chips
pumpkin butter sandwiches made with our funbites
raspberries stuffed with blueberries
annie's cheddar bunnies
a salad: tomatoes, kale & spinach, broccolette
candy shamrock
and ranch in an easylunchboxes little dipper container (not pictured)

12 March 2013

Feelin' a little Froggy

Ribbit, ribbit!

Sophia is on a huge princess and the frog (pwincess and da fwoooogggg, mom!) kick the last couple of weeks. She is also on a HUGE bento kick! She's finally old enough to really "get" bento, and love it. Yesterday she carried around a piece of bread and some Chia ginger superfood cookies "i make pinto, mom!" for like an hour. She has also started creating "pinto" for us with her wooden melissa and doug toys in her little kitchen. I love it!

So today, when she went to the pantry...

Sophia: "I hungy mom, I wan bite bite!"
Me: "Ok! What do you want?"
Sophia: *walks to pantry* "I go dis way!"

.... hahahaha! I opened the door for her and she pointed to the bento boxes and said she wanted a "pinto pock" ... how could I refuse?!

I grabbed my cute z cute, and made a quick little lunch for her!

In this ELB, you will find:
A simple Pumpkin butter sandwich made with my cute z cute
Pirates booty
Pretzel crisps & horizon organic cheese

Simple, easy, and just the right size for a toddler. :) 

Lucky Little Love

Its St. Patricks week! We actually don't really celebrate being non-irish, but this year I would like to do a little more! Tomorrow I am going to hobby lobby to get Olivia lots of fun green stuff to wear to school. :)

I know it hasn't been that long, but I feel like I haven't used an ELB in forever! So I decided that it was perfect for today's lunch.

In this Easy Lunchboxes container you will find:
A shamrock sandwich made with PB&Co. Bees Knees
Carrot chips
Pirate's booty
Green superfood cookies
Green & white nerds candies (just a few!)

Have you ever heard that elephants are lucky? I believe they are. My great grandma had a small statue of a mommy and baby elephant when I was growing up, on the hearth, and I always loved them. To this day, an elephant is one of my favorites, and the fact that they are a symbol of luck and good fortune makes them even better. :) 

I got these elephants at walmart, in the party aisle. They are supposed to hook on your wine glass so you can tell which glass belongs to whom. They came in a package with lots of other animals for about $4. I thought they were perfect for bento!

Have a lucky day!

11 March 2013

Momocon 2013

Hi there! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? If you were at Momocon in Atlanta, I know you had a blast! :) I hope if you were around, you stopped by our panel and workshop. There were so many people there, it was an amazing experience! I loved it.

I would love to tell you every single detail, but I am sure that you would definitely be bored. haha. I do want to say a HUGE thank you to Jennifer for asking me to be there, to Emily's husband Ian for all his hard work putting everything together for us, to Erin, Beth, & Emily for being there with me, and to my Rachel for taking amazing photos for us!

And now.. what I'm sure you all want to see, rather than read- My momocon experience!! :D