28 February 2013

Sweet Sophia bento

d'aaaawwww yeah, my baby is sweet! :)

Here's a sweet little bento for a sweet little baby.

In this Zak nibble tray we have
a bear and elephant sandwich made with Dark Chocolate Dreams by PB&CO
Sliced strawberries
blueberry goat cheese
black olives
cinnamon and sugar pita chips
a tiny chocolate bar from our ConsciousBox (review coming soon!)

We're leaving tomorrow to spend the weekend with my family, my cousin is getting married and I am so excited to see everyone! 

27 February 2013

Rainy Day Bento

Only.. its not a rainy day. I am yearning for the days of spring! Cute skinny jeans, baggy tank tops, adorable wedge sandals... all of it splashed with ketchup and sidewalk chalk because you know, I'm a mom. Only kidding... kind of.

Today's lunch is in our Yubo!
In this lunch we have:
A tulip sandwich with PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams
Balsamic vinegar cheese rain drops
Grapes and yogurt covered raisins

Its not pictured but I also sent along a Zbar. And a bottle of water.

Hope y'all have a great day!

26 February 2013

Crazy Arkansas Weather

... where to start!? I haven't posted since Valentines' Day!

We have been super busy! It has been snowing like crazy for a couple of days, then 70 degrees and sunny for a couple of days.. then more snow, more sun, and so on! Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and today its raining and soooo cold- in the morning we're expected to have snow and ice! With all the weird weather, the school has gotten out early, or been closed.. or we haven't had groceries so I haven't made a photo-worthy lunch. We're all guilty of that, sometimes!

The week of Valentines' day, I made the trek to Mountain Home, Arkansas to get our sweet new puppy! I am very pleased to introduce you to Artemis. She is a french mastiff, and super sweet. My husband searched for her for months, we found a dog that was due for puppies around Thanksgiving. She was FINALLY ready to come home to us as our family Valentine! Mountain home is 4 hours away from my house, so it was a crazy long drive by myself. I enjoyed it though, listening to what ever I wanted to on the radio, and as loud as I wanted! It was so funny though.. it was nice and fine outside and on my way home it came a freaking blizzard! ha!

Here she is: Artemis!

And so today, when I finally got to make a decent lunch, I decided to go with a puppy theme.

14 February 2013

Happy Valentines' Day!

Valentines day... the most [un]romantic day of the year! How will you celebrate?

I woke up earlier than usual this morning to make breakfast in bed for my husband & kids.

My family was happily surprised to find a "weekend breakfast" waiting for them when they woke up. 

Now, on to lunch! Olivia got in some trouble earlier this week (when do children begin listening to their parents? Because after 8 years, its still not going on much over here...), and I wasn't able to send a bento Wednesday or Thursday (part of her punishment was eating school lunch). Sad! It was as much a punishment for me as it was for her (thanks, Daddy)- Valentines is my FAVORITE time of year to pack bento!

In this Valentines Day Easy Lunchbox you'll find:
tiny hearts cut from strawberries, kiwi, asian pear, and cantaloupe 
red grapes on cute heart picks
blueberry cheese
Chobani Banana with heart sprinkles
Love You Trail Mix*

** The Love You Trail Mix recipe is as follows::
Chex cereal of your choice
toasted corn
roasted edamame
chocolate covered sunflower seeds

What is your favorite part of Valentines' Day? Besides receiving a gift, I mean! :) 

12 February 2013

I just LOVE you!

I am so excited for this entire week of lunches! Valentines Day is one of the most fun holidays, for me, as far as bento goes.

Probably because pink is my favorite color! ha!

In this easy lunchbox container you have
Pizza crescents
Pizza sauce in the little dipper 
grapes & a strawberry heart
Chobani's new Pear flavor, with sprinkles!
{{this new chobani is amazing! So far- EVERYTHING is! We are cho-freaks!}}

Pizza crescent rolls are easy peasy. Both kids like them (duh, who doesn't love pizza?!), and they're super convenient to make for dinner & lunch the next day. Olivia and Sophia both prefer only cheese pizza, so all I did was put pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on the dough before rolling it in to a crescent.  They're more like giant pizza pockets though, because once I stuffed them, they kind of lost their ability to create a crescent shape. 

Check out other pizza crescent lunches from Bento For Kidlet, More Than Your Average Mom, and Healthy Eating Starts At Home.

11 February 2013

Will YUBO my Valentine?!

I'm so glad you said YES!

I'm feeling the Valentines' Day love this week. I am excited to say a huge fat THANK YOU to yubo for sending us a box to use & review!

I had been eyeing and drooling over these gorgeous boxes for ages, so imagine how happy this opportunity made me!

I love the Yubo box for so many reasons! Being eco friendly and BPA free are probably at the top of the list. Oh, and totally adorable, too. I can't wait to order custom face plates for it with Olivia's photo on them! I think the personalization options are beyond awesome.

The technical details of the yubo: Totally big enough to pack a lunch for an adult (mama might need a yubo, too!), while not so big you can't send a perfect meal for your tot. Olivia has declared the Yubo her new favorite box- which is a huge deal. She enjoys that its easy to open, and catches her friends' eyes when she uses it. We both love the little cooler plate that goes under the containers- it makes her box so much lighter (compared to days we use any other box/carrier/extra ice pack).

OH! Another huge plus for both of us- the yubo is an all in one system, which is a feature also boasted by planetbox, laptop lunches, etc., only... you don't need a separate case. That is awesome. You pack lunch in the yubo box and you carry the yubo box. No extra bags or anything! And the way the containers fit in the box (you can mix and match from the yubo site!), they're easily re-arranged so you can fit an organic milk or juice box in there. You can also purchase different types of inside containers- and extra accessories such as handles, ice plates, and lids on the yubo website.

And, as is every mother's dream... they go in the dishwasher. CHA-CHING! Winner winner, chicken dinner! LOVE!

Something you don't want to miss: yubo is now carrying Lunchbox Love on their website! Have you noticed the adorable little love notes I send with Olivia in her lunchbox? Well, now you don't have to just *wish* you had some! You can throw a set (or 7) in your virtual cart when you purchase your shiny new yubo.

Ok, enough gushing. It IS safe to say that my yubo is my, I mean, Olivia's, valentine this year. We love it! Thanks again, yubo!

05 February 2013

"A mama peeeen-to!"

Sophia is growing increasingly aware that her sister has a gazillion lunch goodies. She is asking for "peentos" for lunch almost daily now! I love it L.O.V.E.I.T. love it! (haha Beth, you'll get that one).

Anyway, when I asked her today what she wanted for lunch she said she wanted a "mama peeento!" My heart melted! As soon as I opened the pantry, she started grabbing the lunchbot and yelling "yaya peentowwww yaya peentoooow!" (thats Sophie talk for Olivia's bento, Olivia's bento). ADORABLE.

Here's the little lunch I put together for Soph in Olivia's lunchbot. I need a lunchbot quad for Sophia size portions! :) You hear that, lunchbot?!

In this lunch you'll find:
The new PEAR CHOBANI (so good!) with hemp seeds and heart sprinkles
Honey graham sticks from Back to Nature
A clementine
Sliced grapes

And one of my favorite picks ever- my bumble bee! Thanks to my sweet Beth for the adorable bumble bee silicon cup!

03 February 2013

Happy International Fake Mustache Day!

Yes! We like to be a little silly around here and celebrate the little fun "holidays."

So, Happy International Fake Mustache Day from the Poirier family! :D

In honor of this awesome day, we are hopping along with the Bento Blogging Friends Mustache Day blog hop!

Our mustache lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes container!
It contains naan, blueberries, and a clementine.
The lettering is done with Archer Farms fruit leather

To continue on with the Mustache Day hop, please click
to view the amazing bento works of BENTO DAYS :) 

01 February 2013


As many of you know, I will be at MOMOCON this year with some of my AMAZING bento blogging friends!

I am so super excited to have been considered and chosen for this event- I have not ever attended any kind of blog networking event in my life! So this is a big thing for me, and I am *so* looking forward to being there.

To make things EVEN BETTER, my best friend Rachel is going with me. She is my biggest cheerleader in life and I am so blessed to call her my friend. I can't wait for this fun road trip and amazing weekend with her! Living in separate states has been hard :( I miss her too much!

So anyway, the theme of our class at MOMOCON is angry birds. I haven't ever done an angry birds bento before (not sure why, Olivia LOVES angry birds!), so I have been practicing. :D

essentially these are the same lunches, just plated differently. Not too bad for my first attempt. I think Olivia will be getting angry birds lunches all week next week. Stay tuned :D

Other awesome bento bloggers I'll be at MOMOCON with::: BETH, EMILY, & ERIN :)

Bright Sunshiny Day

Hooray! For the first day in what seems like AGES, we have SUNSHINE! Too bad its freeeeezing out. This weekend is supposed to be in the 60s though, and my family plans to go hiking at Mt. Magazine! So excited!

In this Zak! container you have:
a boat and clouds made from a peach
Pepperjack cubes
Garlic naan whales
roased pumpkin seeds

Sophia refuses to eat anything cold besides cheese, and so I had hoped that the peach shapes would encourage her. No such luck... the peaches are still sitting in the pineapple tray. So are the pumpkin seeds. I will save them and try again with her next meal!