09 October 2012

Trying Something New!

What are the rules for trying something new in your house? We have a 2-bite rule.. And usually the kids like what we are trying.

I haven't ever tried pumpkin butter, but when I saw it at the Ozark Country Market, I knew it just had to be a winner. I mean, I love a pumpkin spice latte, right?! Who doesn't?! So I bought it. And today it is in Olivia's sandwich.

Usually I try to sneak new foods in to lunches and surprise her at school. This morning she caught me making lunch and tasted the butter... And LOVED it! She requested it! :) I love when that happens.

Behold, the pumpkin butter sandwich! Haha! :) with cherry tomatoes, grapes, and corn nuts.

02 October 2012

Halloween 2011

Halloween is my favorite time of year...
so I thought I would post last year's halloween lunches!! :)

Oh, and I wanted to link up with the BBF halloween linky! :)

wcw jackolantern sandwich, jackolantern babybell, jerky, olives, candycorn, pepperonis, Halloween Oreos, pine nuts, soy nuts, gummy caterpillars.

cheddar potato straws, turkey, pepperonis, almonds, animal crackers, string cheese, sweet petites, candy teeth, cupcake toppers, 1 thin mint.

wcw & strawberry preserves sandwich sushi, veggie chips, grapes, pepita trail mix, banana chips, Gouda Halloween shapes, balogna bats, candy corn, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, cupcake toppers, dried fruit. not pictured agave straw.

another 5 minute bento... I have to stop hitting snooze! strawberry cream cheese sandwich "sushi", strawberries, sweet petite grapes, mini pepperonis, tomatoes, laughing cow spreadable Swiss (under the gummy ear), 2 club crackers, a few football pretzels, one cupcake candy topper, one gummy worm, regular grapes filling in the spaces... & a few Halloween covered sprinkles over the sandwich.

salad, ranch, nutella sandwich sushi, animal crackers, cupcake toppers, sprinkles, beef jerky, veggie stix, goldfish, banana chips, gummy ear, grapes.

running super late... made this in 5 minutes! that's why the cheese isn't shaped or cookie cuttered. cheese potato sticks, football pretzels, turkey cheese & tomato kabob, babybel cheese, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, candy corn, gummy foot, cupcake candy toppers, grapes. there are more turkey slices under the kabob.

sandwich "sushi" white chocolate wonderful & strawberry cream cheese, goldfish, grapes, strawberries, mini pepperonis, pine nuts, Halloween cupcake candy toppers, candy corn, babybel cheese, gummy worm, gummy brain, candy teeth. Halloween :) love it!

last Halloween bento for 2011 :( mummy dog, gardettos, veggie chips, panda egg, banana chips, grapes, clementine, celery & peanut butter, a finger, an eye, sprinkles, candy toppers

01 October 2012

Cute Z Cute

It's exactly what it sounds like... CUTE!! :) you can get one at & if they're not available on amazon yet, they will be soon!

It's one cutter with four different faceplates- a panda, a kitty, a frog, and a piggy!

I LOVE IT!!! :) thanks so much JeeJee <3 you're fabulous!