10 June 2012

Dirty Deets {project shut up & eat}

The deal on my dad: I'd say a typical day in the life of dad goes about like this.
  • wake up, guzzle coffee
  • fill thermos, kiss my  mom goodbye
  • work work work
  • whats that? lunch time? gotta grab a little debbie cake. maybe. if there's one in the seat of the dump truck/whatever vehicle he's driving for work that day
  • work work work 
  • go home.... work around the house, help my brothers do whatever, help babysit phoenix, work some more
  • kiss my mom hello when she gets home
  • work some more
  • come in, drink a glass of sweet tea, munch on some ruffles chips while he tells mom he's starving
  • eats whatever mom whips up (she's going to eat cereal).. grilled cheese, BLT, rotel, creamy tacos (barf)
  • eat some roasted almonds or cashews, some more chips, watch tv, play a card game on his phone
  • fall asleep in the recliner... before or after eating 7 or 8 mini candy bars
  • get up, drink a glass of milk
  • go to bed
  • wake up, repeat
My dad is a pack-a-day smoker. Marlboro lights. Do you see why I want to make over his diet? As far as exercise goes, I will say that aside from walking to/from the house to the shop, and lifting/working on cars/trucks... my dad is pretty sedentary. He's a naturally thin man, always has been. I can't say he's never lightly active, but I guarantee you he's never just taking a walk for leisurely purposes. 

I am so PUMPED to start this project! :)


  1. Your dad's daily routine sounds so much like my dad's! My dad steers away from anything that isn't processed. I'm trying to introduce fresh veggies into his diet and convince him that a walk around the neighborhood would do him much more good than harm.

  2. what are creamy tacos? that actually sounds good? LOL


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