28 February 2012

day 3...

Oh, day three. You started off as *such* a great day.

And then.. it happened.


I have to say, they tasted so good. And I felt soooooo guilty with every bite. But I couldn't stop! I don't know why. It was as though I was filling myself as quickly as I could with these little chocolate peanut buttery cookies.. because once they're gone, they're gone, until next year.

I am the troop mom for my daughter. I have had 20+ cases of cookies go through my house and car in the last week. I bought one box of each when we were pre-ordering to help support O, and my plan was to mail them to my husband in Iraq. Only the regulations changed and he can't receive anything over a certain weight, ie, paper mail only.. pretty much.

I hate cookies. I love eating healthy. I LOVE putting good fuel into my body. I know (and I probably should not say this as a girl scout AND troop mom) that girl scout cookies are complete CRAP. WHY would anyone want to put what is in a girl scout cookie (or oreo, chips ahoy, any mass-produced cookie!) into their body? Three reasons: 1.) They're uninformed. I like to think the best of people and assume this is why people freak over GS cookies (or any processed junk!). 2.) They're like me and not quite able to control the bingeing that happens from time to time.. old habits die hard. 3.) They KNOW and they are just lazy and don't care. I have a hard time sympathizing with all of these reasons. Here's why.

Reason number one: being uninformed. We live in the most technologically advanced time ever! Google knows *everything* (believe me, EVERYTHING), and if you want to know about food and the benefits of fueling your body properly, the information IS out there. The sad part is that most people don't even realize that they are eating total crap. No one has ever told them about it, they might not even know there is a different way of life. I mean, lets face it, the media isn't exactly trying to push the complete facts and no matter how many big companies are "fighting obesity" or "adding a healthy twist to the kids' meal & dollar menu"... its all still garbage. Think of all the people out there thinking they're doing something awesome by ordering oatmeal instead of a breakfast burrito meal at McDonald's in the mornings. Or the people that are buying "98% fat free" everything and slowly poisoning themselves and the family they feed! Bottom line: if it has an ingredient list, don't eat it. Real food doesn't HAVE ingredients. It comes from the earth.

Reason number two: Me. Making an excuse. Lack of self control. Loathing of something in their personal life. Being educated on the matter of food, chemicals, and proper self-care... but that one little emotional trigger sets you back. I don't think I have ever fully disclosed my story on this blog, but I suffered from an eating disorder and severe self-image problems from 18 years old (I weighed in the 150s when I graduated high school in May of 2002.. closer to 160. The real problems started after I moved to Virginia that August.. and by the end of Sept/early Nov I was below 110) .. until I found out I was pregnant with my daughter O. I had her 2 weeks before I turned 20 (at 162lbs- June 12 2004) and I was right back on the wagon.. chomping phentermine and only eating once every 2-3 days (back to 110ish by mid July). Before I got pregnant with her it was the worst- eating rarely (once every 2-4 days, drinking TONS of diet coke and coffee to keep "energized"), doubling phentermine doses, being proud of all my clothes being way too big and fitting into a size 1 or 3. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I got the flu and had to go to the doctor because I hadn't had a period in so long due to not eating. Anyway. Thats super personal and not any part of my life that I'm proud of. I grew up so worried about body image- my mom had her own body image problems and I always just thought that struggle was normal. Thats why the junk food gets to me. Because in a way, bingeing is comfortable. And it also makes me feel full. And after all these years.. and those 2-3 years of being hungry and taking "prescription by mail" diet drugs... feeling full feels safe. I hate it. And that is why eating healthy has become so important to me. Because I have two amazing, brilliant daughters and I always want them to feel like know that they are wonderful.

Reason number three: People know the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, but continue to eat crap anyway because they are L A Z Y. Some have the "I'll start tomorrow" attitude and some have the "I'll be naturally skinny forever because I have a high metabolism" attitude... and some think "I'm already a whale why try to change?"

Maybe some have health issues (thyroid?) but I know they can be treated and the issues overcome with the proper medical attention (Just look at Beth! She is down 80+lbs and I am so proud of her!). I sometimes hear people conversing in public about dieting (usually fad diets!) and I want to sit down with them and explain to them how they can be healthy. How they can change AND enjoy it. And then I am sure they would look at me like I was a freak and ask me, the intruding stranger, to leave their table. :) So, I don't but-in to their convos. But I want to.

I am not in any way the perfect eater (didn't I just confess to a Girl Scout cookie binge, right here, for everyone to see?!), and I am no where near being in perfect shape. But I am working on it. Every single day, I am working. I might not always make it to the gym (Hey, what *practically* single mom of two controls her whole world? If you find her, introduce us!), and I might not always make the 100% best food choices... but I do try. And holy cow, do I try harder when I DON'T make the right choices. The guilt is overwhelming sometimes. But there is no success without failure, and I WILL BE a SUCCESS. I know you can, too.

27 February 2012

Days 1 & 2!

Hi hi hiiiii! :)

So today is DAY TWO of the Tone It Up 7 day slim down for me!! :) And I am happy to report in that it is going FANTASTIC! Yesterday I wasn't feeling so hot (I was sick most of the weekend) and that did prevent me from doing any physical activity. Today I woke up feeling awesome (thank you, doubling up on vitamins!) & hit the gym hard. My arms feel like putty. I ran, it was beautiful.

As far as food goes, yesterday I skipped M2, but I was ok. I also skipped the after-dinner chobani option. I didn't drink enough water, but my throat was so sore that it hurt to swallow! Today I'm on track with the h2O, though. :)

How is everyone doing on goals with food & fitness this week? I hope well! :)


This brings me to part TWO of this post. :) BENTO lunches! I pack a bento lunch almost every day for my 2nd grader. I find that this helps me encourage her to make healthier choices when it comes to food AND it makes food fun for her. A few weeks ago I purchased a Lock & Lock 2-tier "mini" box from amazon. It isn't really that mini at all. The compartments are tall and that means it can hold quite a bit of food- its absolutely perfect for an adult trying to work on or maintain portion control.

Here are the photos I swiped from amazon:

Of course, we have the pink one. Its bright, girly, and fun. :) 

Here are MY images of this box:

I love the little eco-bag that came with it.

Here's why I'm telling you so much about this box! Because I WANT TO GIVE YOU ONE!
I love bento-ing and I love food. I love being healthy. And as a mother I LOVE going the extra little mile to do something so simple (like packing a fun lunch) to make my kids feel loved. So whether you're one of my Tone It Up sisters looking to eat healthier in a fun way, or you're one of my Bento pals looking for a new box for your kiddo... Or you just happened to stumble across this blog.. This is for you!

To Enter:
Comment ON THIS BLOG POST :) why you want to win a bento box!

For extra entries: 
"Like" my facebook page HERE, then comment ON THIS BLOG POST saying that you did!

Become a follower of my blog! :) Then comment ON THIS BLOG POST and tell me!

Tweet about this give away! You could say something like "Win a L&L #bento box over at !" @kandiipie <-- don't forget to @ me, and then come COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST saying that you tweeted. 

I will choose a winner using ONLY from the blog comments on Friday, 2March by 5pm. So if you do all of the above, but don't comment each time, you won't have as many chances to win. So don't forget! 

That is 4 chances for you to win this cutesy little bento box!! :) 

Good luck!

25 February 2012

Prep work

Tomorrow is Sunday and my first day of the 7 Day Slim Down. Did you notice the Bikini Body ticker I put on the top of this blog? My Spring Break Bikini Challenge ends on 18March but we aren't going on spring break until 7/8April. Anyway. The last time I attempted to do the 7dsd I bombed and quit on the first day. The first time I tried it, I completed it with amazing results. But I got SO SICK of the food- by day 7 I thought I would puke if I had to see another salad. So I've been prepping myself mentally for this all week. I had to, or I wouldn't be able to even try it. 

I found better running headphones today (I hope). I will try them in the gym Monday. And OH EM GEE I found an awesome running app that I can't wait to try!! Anyone out there obsessed with zombies? No? Just me? Nah... I know each and every one of you *secretly* has a zombie plan... and gas masks, flak jackets, stockpiled rounds, a few extra guns...

Check this out.

I'm more than a little excited. I can't remember which fit blog I saw this on.. it was a random pinterest click then a series of random tumblr clicking... but I am so excited that I found it! :) 

Tomorrow should be an easy day on the slim down, I have the food I need here at the house, but not enough for the week. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and I'll have to go back several times throughout the week to ensure the freshness of my produce. I am excited. And ready to really kill it this week.

Goals for this week:
Stay on track with 7dsd
Finish each day strong, with a satisfied feeling about my workouts!
Remember: coconut water!
Go above and beyond with Olivia's bentos this week.*
Go through things for a yard sale I'm having next Saturday
Nail down a date to go HOME for a visit. I miss my family.
Run from the ZOMBIES!!!

What are your goals for the week? What are you doing to make sure you achieve them?

24 February 2012

5 Q F {&goals}

1. What's your favorite way to spend down time (alone or with a significant other)? All I have is time alone.. and my favorite way to spend it is a) running or b)

2. Are you the kind of person that wants things more as soon as you know you can't have it? only chocolate.

3. If you were given $1000 to spend on yourself, what would you buy? a plane ticket to anywhere but here.

4. Do you ever go out to eat by yourself? yes. I quite enjoy it.

5. What company would you want to do a blog review for? Sparkly Soul, Inc., or Spotted Moth!

Spring Break is April 9-13, and I will be lounging (ok, chasing a toddler up and down) on the beach in sunny Florida! 

Which means I have a short time to accomplish one HUGE goal. I want my stomach to be F L A T. 

I am starting the 7dsd Sunday!!! I am excited. This time I will not gag at the thought of ANOTHER salad.  I will stick to my gym schedule. I WILL do more exercise at home. And I will look fabulous on the beach for spring break with my grandparents and kids. <-- I lead a super wild, glamorous life, can't you tell? haha. My bff Suzy lives in Destin and so I think we will stay around that area so I can spend some time with her and so our kiddos can play together!

I'll be checking in here EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. during my 7 day slim down. Recording food, workouts, and staying motivated & on track. I would LOVE for any of you to do the slim down with me! :) I know my friends Beth & Natasha are going to be! If you want to participate in the 7 day slim down but aren't sure what it is, head over to TONE IT UP and find out! Then make the best purchase of your life & get the meal plan! Thank you K&K!

22 February 2012

Meet Janelle!

This is Janelle :)

She is competing in my Bikini Challenge all the way from AUSTRALIA! How amazing is that? I just love the internet and how it connects people from all across the world together! Lovely!

Starting weight: 145.5 pounds
We Aren't Scared Of Sugar: Tell us your favorite motivational quote.
Janelle: "Nothing tastes as good as being in shape feels" from Craig Harper book, Fattitude.

What is your favorite healthy recipe?
Janelle: Beef Tacos (not low carb but low fat and super tasty)
Serves 2
  • 1 piece of rump or porterhouse steak
  • 3 large tomatoes deseeded and chopped
  • 1/2 red/spanish onion chopped finely
  • 1/4 bunch of fresh coriander (cilantro)
  • 1 lime
  • salt & pepper
  • Low fat cheddar cheese
  • Low fat/high fibre tortillas
  1. Make salsa with fresh tomatoes, corriander (cilantro), red onion, salt pepper & a squeeze of lime juice
  2. Grate some low fat cheddar cheese
  3. Slice jalapenos or used pickled ones in jar
  4. BBQ or grill one piece of rump steak that has been sprinkled with Mexican seasoning.  Slice thinly when cooked
  5. Heat low fat tortillas and add fillings to eat
WASOS: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
Janelle: My end goal as well as fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans, is to make eating healthy and exercising a part of life so that I don't have to think so hard to keep doing it.  I now have a 3 month old daughter so making sure that she grows up in an environment where I am not constantly stressed about my weight all the time is really important. 

You can "like" the We Aren't Scared Of Sugar facebook page HERE, and keep up with the Spring Break Bikini Challenge on twitter HERE! :)

17 February 2012

Meet Elizabeth!

Another lovely Spring Break Bikini Challenge Competitor! :)

^^ Mrs. Elizabeth recently came back from an amazing vacation in HAWAII. She was there the same time K&K were there!! I would have been stalking the stars of Tone It Up, had it been me. :) haha :) 

Starting weight: 198.4

We Aren't Scared Of Sugar: Tell us your favorite motivational quote.
Elizabeth: "If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be?" Maya Angelou

WASOS: What is your favorite healthy recipe?
Elizabeth: Roast chicken with spring vegetables. It is so delicious and incredibly filling. It tastes like comfort food but is only 569 calories for a full plate of yum. Recipe listed below.

WASOS: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
Elizabeth: I would like to be a good role model for my daughter Emma by being healthy and being comfortable in my own skin. I want to show her how to love and take care of herself by example. Also I would like to have a vbac with next baby and believe that losing weight and being as healthy as possible before becoming pregnant again gives me the best chance possible of having the birth I want.

You can keep up with the Spring Break Bikini Challenge by "liking" the We Aren't Scared Of Sugar facebook page HERE. You can also follow the tweeting SBBC girls by following the list HERE. :)

14 February 2012

Show a Little Heart

I would like everyone to take the time to read this, and spread the word for me! Its a day all about love, after all, and what greater love can there be than that of a mother for a child? NONE.

Meet my friend Jessica. She is an amazing person, kind, loving, funny, southern to the bone (in a good way), charming, fierce, and loyal. I'm proud to say that she is MY friend. That I get to text her or call her when I see something funny and feel the need to share it, or if I feel like my heart weights 800 tons and I need to unload. I consider myself so lucky that she randomly messaged me one day and even though I was practically a stranger, she unloaded her heart onto me. Its a day, while I'm so sorry that her heart bears any burden, that I'm glad happened to me- because I gained a friend.

Jessica has an amazing story of love, faith, her husband surviving a rare cancer, and trying to become a mother. She has gone through 2 failed IVF treatments and now they (Jess & her husband, Matt) are looking for the perfect baby to make their family complete. And by perfect, I mean available, and in need of 2 amazing parents.

You can read Jessica's entire story HERE.

Please be kind & share this message with everyone you know, so we can help them find a baby. Tweet this, facebook this, post this on your Instagram, your Path, put it everywhere.

10 February 2012

52:6 & 5QF

I suck SO bad at getting my week 5 off the camera. because... I haven't yet. Wait, I did, but I haven't even looked at it.
I do have week 6. :)

I think I showed this photo already this week BUT.. The girls are just *so* excited and that is a huge part of sisterhood.. being excited together over new milestones. I am so happy that I get to be a mommy to these amazing little people. I just wish my husband was home more to see them grow and change.


1. How often do you shave your legs in the winter? 2-3x a week. I hate being hairy!

2. Valentine's Day cards for your spouse: funny or romantic? Both. I usually send a ton of cards... We have only been together on Valentines day twice in seven years. This year, the Iraqi government is withholding mail from thousands of Americans.. and so he probably won't get anything that I sent him. He still hasn't received a package and cards from the kids that were sent over a month ago.

3. What are you most looking forward to about spring? Opening the pool so our house will sell faster if it hasn't sold already.

4. What's your favorite way to pamper yourself? Full body massages, extravagant vacations with the man of my dreams, tattoos.

5. Does your tax return go into savings or do you spend it instantly? Last year was the first time we ever got a return instead of paying in. We paid off some stuff and I bought some stuff and we saved some. This year it will all go into savings, and probably a vitamix. And a little vacation to the beach with the kids when the husband comes home. Most of it will go into savings though.. the "get kandice the F out of Tennessee fund" haha. ;) 

06 February 2012

Miscellany Monday

You can link up by clicking the MM icon below! :)

{ONE} I was going to see Mayday Parade tonight, but now I'm not. I can't tell you how incredibly disappointed I am to miss out on my very favorite band ever playing so close to me... but sometimes things don't work out. So, if anyone in the area wants to come get my ticket and go, you can have it. They're playing at the new daisy theatre in memphis.


I'm registering (as soon as it opens) to run the Color Run 5K in Kansas City! I am so excited! The reason I'm doing it in KC is because its in June. They have it in Nashville BUT its not until October and I really, really hope I no longer live here by then. I CAN NOT WAIT!

{THREE} What on earth is up with this weather!? Isn't it supposed to be in the 60s this week? Well.. It's NOT. :(

{FOUR} SHOP SHOP SHOP til you DROP DROP DROP. That is my motto for this weekend when I go to Huntsville to spend the night with my BFF BETH! We are having a girls day Saturday and I plan to come home with a ton of clothes. That is... if I still fit in a size 4 after last week's crappy eating (I do, don't worry.. I wore my new size 4 jeans yesterday. haha).

{FIVE} I DID NOT post my project 52 photo last week. I took one. Its sweet, of Sophie waiting for Olivia to get on the school bus one morning. But it is still sitting on the memory card.. in my camera. Yep. 

{SIX} My house is a serious disaster. Being blah for a week and not cleaning a single thing will do that.. especially if you have two kids. I'm avoiding cleaning it right now by blogging. *thumbs up*

{SEVEN} I want to do the seven day slim down again. But I can not find it in me to eat so rigidly... at least not right now. Which is really silly, it wasn't even that bad. But I think of spinach leaves and chicken....... and I cringe. I do know that I will do it the week before spring break. And the week before Andy gets home, whenever that will be. 

8. I am really enjoying THIS book right now!

It's a nice light read, after reading THIS book:

^^ That was a good book. A little on the dark side (oh, how I LOVE those types of books!) BUT it made me a little scared (you should never, ever, ever read a scary book at night when you're home alone!). 
I received this book from Melonie during the book swap over at The Nerdy Katie. 

She also gifted to me The girl with the dragon tattoo, and I can't wait to start it. I just thought I needed something less scary in between books. :) Also, once I start a series, its hard for me to stop until I've devoured every last literary bit. With all the traveling I have planned this weekend, its probably wise to wait until Monday to start it. :) 

{EIGHT} All this book talk makes me want to start (or join) a book club! The only problem is... I only know about one person that would actually commit and attend monthly (or every 2 weeks or whatever) meetings. Much less, a weekly coffee and book discussion party! Reading MWF seeking BFF is showing me though, that I am not the only woman with that problem. Luckily... A lady walked in to my life recently and I'm just going to trap her, and keep her forever. She's someone Olivia likes to call "Bretch," but really, she answers better to Gretchen. hahahaha :)

05 February 2012

Starting the week right.

I would be lying to your face if I told you I had a good week last week. That's so negative, right? I know!

The new week started today, and I am so excited about it. I went out last night and had an AMAZING time with a few friends. I think I needed that desperately. I feel re-charged (even if I did only get 5 hours of sleep!).

I splurged quite a lot last night. I did NOT eat that entire dessert. There is a brownie hidden somewhere under all that ice cream & whipped topping.. I had a few bites. And it was AMAZING. Then I passed it on to someone else to have a few bites. Each of us girls bought either a bottle of champagne or an appetizer, and we had a grand time. Don't worry, after another bar we went to a dance club and I feel like I worked off most of what I consumed. :) 

Today was awesome. Well, yesterday I bought Olivia a new bike.

She was pretty excited. Then today I bought myself a new bike.

It's a "hybrid"... a cross between a cruiser bike and a 10 speed (this one has 7 speeds). I also bought one of those little cage things that you strap babies in to and pull behind your bike. I don't have it completely assembled yet, but hopefully while Sophia naps tomorrow I'll get it finished.

I taught Olivia to ride without training wheels today! This is a VERY PROUD mommy moment.

^^ Doesn't it look so bleak up there? Because it is. The weather man said it would be sunny and 60 today... It was overcast and the coldest 50 I've ever felt. I won't complain (much) I suppose, because at least there is no snow!

Tonight is the super bowl. Or maybe its going on right now. I don't really care for professional football. I think its a bit ridic those guys get paid so much... when they don't even *do* anything. They should distribute the NFL, celebrity, and politician salaries to educators and the military. Thats my opinion. Anyway, I just don't like NFL. I love college football, it makes more sense to me- pride in your school and representing where you're making a life and obtaining an education. Having said that, I hope the Patriots win tonight because my favorite Razorback QB Ryan Mallett is a bench warmer for the Pats now. Anyway, instead of watching that, or even the commercials, I'll be doing laundry. :) And planning meals out for this week so I can get back to clean eating. A rough emotional week makes me not even care. And I can feel the negative changes in my body, I hate it. I'm back, and I'm ready to be better than ever. NOTHING CAN STOP ME- only me! I will succeed.

How are you planning to make it a healthy week? What are your exercise plans? How are you keeping your Super Bowl party healthy, but fun? :) Please share!

04 February 2012

Meet Amy!

starting weight: 163.6

We Aren't Scared Of Sugar: Tell us your favorite motivational quote.
Amy:  "There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." -Nelson Mandela

WASOS: What is your favorite healthy recipe?
Amy: I don’t really have any healthy recipes (just really started cooking not that long ago…everything I “cooked” would come from a box) 

Here is a recipe I found from Pillsbury and have adjusted some things in it. Pillsbury Grands Easy Taco Melts: 
1lb. ground turkey, cooked and drained1
 ½ cups picante sauce (the recipe calls for chunky salsa but I don’t like the chunky stuff)
1 can (16.3 oz) Pillsbury Grands refrigerated biscuits (they have a low fat one)
½ cup Monterey Jack or Mexican blend cheese, shredded

Directions:In 10-inch skillet mix cooked beef and ½ cup of the salsa (I just a whole cup). Cook over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally until hot. Press each biscuit into a 6-inch round. Spoon 1/3 cup meat mixture and 1 tbsp. cheese into the center of each round. Fold dough in half over filling; press edges to seal.Place on greased cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 9-14 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with remaining salsa. 

WASOS: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
Amy: To be healthy and happy for myself and no one else. Once I do that then it will trickle down to my boys and husband, but I’ve realized that if I’m not happy with myself then I can’t be the best mom and wife I know I can be!

You can follow Amy on twitter by clicking HERE.
And if you haven't already, you should go like the We Aren't Scared of Sugar facebook page by clicking HERE

01 February 2012

Finding my "umph"

Gahhhhh This has been the longest week ever. But not even the week- I started feeling sick LAST week. I took 2 days off. I went back to the gym, back to running. Felt worse, took a few more days off. Taking time off to be sick means... cheese. Yeah. Everyone has their own comfort food, right? Well, in my family... we put cheese on EVERYTHING growing up. So, cheese and crackers (always reminds me of my late great grandma Poole) is my number one comfort food, especially if I'm sick. So, I didn't eat my weight in cheese or anything, but, I definitely ate more than I normally would.

I got back in the gym today and it felt great. My throat is still scratchy and raw, and I'm still coughing a little... I couldn't wait any longer. You know.. in the movie Tommy Boy where Richard tells Tommy "I can hear you getting fatter!" .. That is how I have felt with every passing day that I didn't get in the gym. I ran a 2 mile HIIT (treadmill, not elliptical! Ouch to my shins, but what a feeling of accomplishment!), and did arms/shoulders/chest.

Then I came home, and conducted girl scouts. After my scouts left, I prepared Olivia's & my favorite dinner! Chicken stir-fry over quinoa. Its so easy and fast, and by far one of the heartiest dinners (to me).

Easy peasy lemon squeezy..

  • sautee organic boneless skinless chicken in some pam and a dash of olive oil until they're white on each side. Remove from pan, dice (you can probably chop them up completely raw but.. I'll gag. So I have to cook them a little first!) Put back in pan.
  • add a dash of low sodium soy sauce. cook until chicken is almost finished.
  • add in 1/2 bag of frozen stir fry veggies (plain, no sauces/butter added! I use great value brand since its cheap, simple, and walmart is the local grocery store). 
  • add another dash of low sodium soy sauce, 1/8c water, bring to boil. Cover, reduce to simmer.
  • Meanwhile, you should have had your quinoa cooking. haha.
  • Scoop finished quinoa onto your plate (measure your serving, of course! PORTION control!), top with stir-fry goodness, & sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Meet Aubrey!

This is the gorgeous Aubrey. :) She is my wing man for the challenges I host. I say that because she helps motivate ME a lot. Annnnd she does all the math for me. I am so, so very terrible at math. Even with a calculator. So, having her to back up my numbers (she charts EVERYTHING- so I have something to compare my math with! SAVING GRACE, haha!) against makes my life a lot easier.

Aubrey has been a part of all 3 of my challenges, starting the first one in July '11 weighing in at 175 and finishing at 168. She started the second challenge at 163 and ended at 156. 

Starting weight for the SBBC: 158.8

We Aren't Scared Of Sugar: Tell us your favorite motivational quote.
Aubrey: "No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch."

WASOS: Share your favorite healthy recipe.
Aubrey:  I like to keep it simple.....grilled chicken with grilled squash and zucchini, with some Tony Chachere seasoning

WASOS: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
Aubrey: I want to feel comfortable going for a run in booty shorts and a sports bra

^^ Me too, Aubrey, me too. We will get there! :) 

If you would like to follow Aubrey's journey to an amazing beach bod, you can view her blog HERE. You can also follow her on twitter HERE. You can also add her as a friend on my fitness pal by searching for Aubarnold.

If you haven't already, go ahead and "like" the We Aren't Scared of Sugar facebook page by clicking HERE