28 December 2012

Oh, Layla! Our Adventures with the Elf On The Shelf

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a merry and bright holiday! We sure did. I can't express the excitement and sleeplessness in this house on Christmas eve.... you'd think I mean the kids, right? Nope. ME! I get so excited. I woke up at 3, and couldn't stand it... I had the kids out of bed at 4am and opening gifts by 430. My poor husband. He thinks I'm crazy! Maybe I am. :) I'm totally ok with that, though.

The week after Thanksgiving, we purchased our very first Elf On The Shelf. I had resisted this thing for years- its so creepy, right!? I was so wrong. I love that elf probably as much as our kids do. Olivia named her Layla- so cute- and Sophia calls her Waywa. She was a mischievous little thing, and we were all so very sad to see her go back to the North Pole with Santa.

Here are a few photos from Layla's adventures in the Poirier household!

Layla TP'd our tree!

glitter and streamers from staying up all night partying at the North Pole

Caught in the act: roasting snowman marshmallows

Such a trouble maker!

channeling her inner ballerina

the night before Olivia's first ortho appointment- a friendly reminder to brush her teeth!

a super creepy elf friend Olivia found at TJ Maxx. now THIS is a creepy elf!

The morning after Olivia questioned Layla, and Santa's, reality. :( I don't know if she will believe next year. And that makes me sad. :(

Girls' night bubble bath with the La La Loopsy girls.

A new Christmas tree showed up at the foot of the stairs... with a ton of cotton ball "snow."

Trying to get the best view in the house...

She got a little tangled up... 

A good rule to live by, Layla.

Who doesn't love B&J's ice cream!?

A new wreath :)

Layla LOVES lunchbox love!!! :)

She was ready to make christmas candy!

Another shot from the TP Tree incident. 

Enjoying some chooclate!

There's that creepy elf again!

A view from the tangly stairs

Christmas eve morning- Layla had a gift for the kids. Matching Christmas pajamas. A Poirier family tradition!

I know there aren't enough photos here for the entire month of December! We travel quite a bit during the holiday month, and Layla didn't travel with us. The holidays are always so hectic, fun, and crazy!

One weekend we took the kids to Branson and saw the Christmas show at the Dixie Stampede! None of us had ever been and we had a blast. We also got to go to Silver Dollar City, I had never been at Christmas time and that was so fun. Sophia LOVES rides- the swings were her favorite. 

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as we have enjoyed ours!! Stay tuned- after the New Year I'll be giving away a set of LUNCHBOX LOVE, just like the little note Layla used up there!

Have a safe and joyous New Years Eve!! <3

06 December 2012

Christmas Hop


Its my second favorite time of year! Christmas (my first favorite being halloween!)!!

My awesome BBFers are doing a hop on what Christmas means to you. Wellllll to me, Christmas means riding all over creation between Arkansas and Tennessee trying to see all of my family and in-laws. Awesome, huh? It means cold weather, crisp coolness, bon fires, marshmallows, hot cocoa, TONS of food, mittens, cute scarves, gifts, and the best of all- surprising my kids with an epic Christmas and seeing their faces light up when they see what Santa brought. Not the true meaning of Christmas, but come on... who doesn't love to see their kids happy?

I decided since there are so many things I love about the holiday- I'll just post a few Christmas-y lunches for the hop! I couldn't decide.

Christmas veggies- tomatoes and broccoli fit the color scheme, right?!

a mitten sandwich, apple sauce with sprinkles, clementine, chili rice chips, and annie's bunnies. the candy cane was just for decoration.

What goes better (or is more festive?) than bacon and chocolate? NOTHING. Snowflake sandwich with PB&Co dark chocolate dreams, sprinkles, cherries, carrots.

I'm a sucker for old fashioned ribbon candy!

These lovely little christmas trees are from my previous post- frozen greek yogurt trees! 

I love Christmas! Here are a few of my older Christmas bentos, just for fun. :)

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NOW for the next part of the hop, click on over to Bentos on the Bayou!

28 November 2012

Tiny trees

Hello! Happy Hump Day! :) It has been quite a while since I've posted. Don't worry, I've still been making cute lunches every day, I just haven't found them interesting enough to blog.

Today I want to show you a quick way to send your yogurt in your kids lunch. This idea was shown to me by my amazing BBF group, I can not remember specifically which one! I have several of my bento blogging friends' buttons on the right side bar, feel free to click through and see how wonderfully talented my people are! They're so amazing!

Ok, on to the yogurt!

I bought little Christmas tree ice trays at target last night. I spooned 0% organic plain Greek yogurt in the mold, then a dollop of honey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Then I added a few sprinkles to look like Christmas "lights." So fun!

How do you send yogurt to school in your kiddo's lunch?

14 November 2012

Bento Mojo

I'm not really sure where mine went! It's quite frustrating. I just do not have the desire or creativity lately.... And I feel kind of guilty about it.

..... And part of me doesn't even really care. :/ how do you get your mojo back!?

Thursday's lunch: dark chocolate dreams sandwich sushi with pepperjack faces, sesame and flax chips, quinoa sautéed with garlic and kale (fruit leather faces), grapes, "happy" fruit leather.